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This topic This board Entire forum Google. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Leatherman PST chronology project July 27, , The original PST was a standard catalog item from when it was introduced to when it was discontinued.

Мультитулы Leatherman

In those 21 years there were many subtle - and not-so-subtle - changes made to the legendary tool. With Roadie doing the actual time line art work of course! What follows is a list of PST features and my best guess as to when they were implemented. The dates are only educated guesses.

Что же такое мультитул Leatherman?

The list below is updated as per post 91 September 18th of this thread. US PAT no longer appears. March 28, , In order to be certain of having the right tool for every job Absolutely No Life Club Posts: This is quite interesting!

Here are just four of them: No Life Club Posts: July 28, , Thanks Spoon and Poncho. Your information has already prompted some changes in my original post. What now reads as this: J-sews on July 27, , On the route of the 19 Bus!

мультитул leatherman pst цвет металлик купить по лучшей цене

Pointier than the regular later blade whatever that is! DaveK on July 28, , To elaborate on this business of pivots and blades, please see the following pics: Sometime around the year ? The middle style blade is nicknamed the "saber" because of its big sweeping clip point. Later on they made the clip point smaller top picture.

J-sews on July 28, , Looks like they just ground it out to save getting any more fines. Thanks fo rthe pics ATM. By eye it was difficult to see if it was the mold that had been altered, or the actual finished pliers ground down.

Leatherman Wave Black 17 Multi-tool 830125 With Nylon Sheath

I like looking at puzzles during my lunch hour, so sue me. Leatherman on July 28, , July 29, , Keep the Unworkable working! Jul 31 Total Receipts: Remove this ad by logging in. But I need some help. Does your PST have: Thanks in advance for your info! Logged In order to be certain of having the right tool for every job Good catch Woofer, thanks! I would think a model would have USA cast on the plier pivot.

Later on they made the clip point smaller top picture Logged In order to be certain of having the right tool for every job Thought I was answering about the handle stampings - sorry.

Yes, of course it is Leatherman USA.

Leatherman Multi-Tools

Logged Zombie Apprentice Posts: Keep hold of that one appletreeman or trade it with me. Bob - it is the middle of the three blades sabre on the PST I mentioned. Logged T Zombie Apprentice Posts: Logged Full Member Posts: Great thanks, that helps! Logged B Newbie Posts: Blank -Milled Awl blade -Off center screwdrivers pivet in -Can opener has left hand cut.

Any way you can post a picture of the handles, similar to those in Reply 3??